Marlin Miller, MNW grad and chain saw artist, did his presentation Friday in the front courtyard of the school.  What an event!  Too bad it wasn’t as warm on Friday as it was on Thursday, but 48 is much preferable to Iowa’s normal January weather, so I’m not complaining.  I had to go to the elementary at noon so I didn’t get a picture of the finished product, but I hear he did three sculptures and can’t wait to see them after the art kids are done finishing them up.

Marlin Miller creating art out of an ordinary log.


Marlin Miller, MNW grad, came to his old stomping grounds on Thursday to set up for Friday’s demonstration.  He had several beautiful sculptures on display (primarily done with a chain saw!) and this was definitely one I wouldn’t mind if he left behind:


I’m starting the 365 Day Photo Project.  Some focus on work stuff, and that’s what I’ll likely do too, but I’ll include pics of the rest of my life now and then, too.  

Like today!

That’s my 14-year-old son eating the last of the Christmas candy (a terrible-tasting marshmallow Yoda) before the new year dieting takes effect.

To make this about work, I’ve been busy busy busy making spine labels, getting new books that were here when I got here into the system, and still I have a ton to get through.  But one of the ones I’m putting out is Darth Paper Strikes Back.  Have you read it?  You should!