What I learned from my “Facebook fast”

A few Sundays ago, I saw this on my Twitter feed:

I responded:

She replied:

Oh!  I thought it’d be a week . . . but it was September 1 so . . .

I can’t say I have a big list of things I accomplished this month because I didn’t get on Facebook.  I didn’t start yoga, I exercised less than ever.  But being off of Facebook had some consequences:

  • I didn’t follow the news as much.  I like to listen to NPR, but my daughter doesn’t, plus I’ve been obsessed with Carolina Chocolate Drops so I listen to them in the car.

Don’t you love them?

I still follow the news of course – I get the Sunday paper, I get a daily email from the Des Moines Register, and catch things on Twitter.  Generally, I’m very well-informed.  But there’s no reason I need to read about the Biebs being carried up the Great Wall of China (?) or a TV show I don’t even watch – but if I was on Facebook, I would.

  • I got a subscription to Lumosity, which I’ve wanted for ages.  My brain profile has increased greatly since I began:


Though I’m stuck on level 8 of Train of Thought:


I woke up at 4 a.m. today and did get on Facebook (I did not wake up to get on Facebook, but since I had to let the dogs out, I took a second to check it).  And you know what?


I think I have better things to do!