Maker List

We’re putting together a Makerspace at the elementary school!  I put a teaser in the school newsletter (page 8), and I’m using Kristin Fontichiaro’s list, “What’s in your school’s dream Makerspace?” as a starting place. I’m applying for two grants (cross my fingers) and making a project proposal for school administration. We already have 2 Makey Makeys and a Kano computer, and kids are having fun exploring those.

My definition for a Makerspace is, “A community center with tools,” with the community in this case being the students and staff at the elementary school, and tools being age-appropriate.  So soon, we hope to have high-tech tools like Arduino microcontrollers and Raspberry Pi, but it also includes mid-tech tools like a digital camera as well as low-tech tools like origami paper.  Makerspaces are for makers of all stripes!

Parents are coming in for Christmas concerts and book fair starting this week, so I decided to make a Christmas tree of sorts with ornaments that have low- to medium-cost items that people could donate to the cause.  Want to donate?  Great!  Find the Amazon wish list here.  (Obviously, if you have other items that would work, especially on the crafty side of things, donate away. Items don’t have to be brand new, either – if you have a half-used bag of pom poms at home in your craft supplies, we’d take it!)