Book Haul 3-3-14

I went to Grinnell yesterday, which means a trip to the Grinnell Goodwill (their clothes are color coordinated!) and their public library with the book shop.  Pay dirt!

photo 5


M.C. Escher: The Graphic Work

photo 1

We put that in the high school NF collection under Art


photo 4

Will Grayson, Will Grayson – autographed by the authors! (Giving this to a student who is a big John Green fan.)


photo 2

On These Walls, about art at the Library of Congress



Ivy and Bean, Volume 1 (Elementary, Juvenile Fiction)

Perseus (Elementary, Classics)

The Year of Living Biblically (High School, Lit Nonfiction, after my daughter finishes it)

The Color Purple (High School, Classics)

The Story of Beautiful Girl (High School, Realistic Fiction)

The Art of Fielding (High School, Sports Fiction)

Mind Wide Open (personal collection)

Norton Anthology of World Literature (personal collection)


March Currently

So I just discovered Farley’s blog, “Oh Boy Fourth Grade” which is super colorful and fun.  She does a fun link-up party that I’m joining.  (I’m not sure if that’s what you call it??)  Explanations are below.


Listening:  I love listening to Songza on my Surface tablet (thanks, ISTE13!).  I used to listen to Pandora but Songza doesn’t have near as many commercials (not sure I even remember any?!) and better variety, I think.  Gearing up for the Old Crow Medicine Show/Carolina Chocolate Drops concert in July.  (I discovered CCD on Songza!)  Discover them yourself:

Loving:  I decided this morning that Libby and I will go to ISTE in Atlanta this summer!  It’ll be a personal trip – ick-snay on the ending-spay, the superintendent said – but my brother lives down there so housing will be free.  Though I’m debating that, because he lives an hour from the venue and with traffic, maybe we should just suck it up and stay in a downtown hotel.  On the way back, we’re going to go see my friend and librarian extraordinaire, Tori, in Nashville!

Thinking:  I know I’m not the only one who wonders if winter is ever going to end.


Okay, maybe that’s a little excessive

Wanting:  I’m going to buy a new dress on Wednesday in Des Moines for IASL conference in April, and should buy some new shoes, too.  I recently bought two new pair at Target – seriously, my first brand new pair of shoes other than sneakers in 10 years – and having to break them in has been terrible.  One pair, I’ve pretty much given up on (I buy my shoes second-hand so they’re pre-broke).  I wonder how much I’ll have to pay to get a good pair of heels?


Okay that’s just silly. As if I actually use the treadmill.

Needing: Holy tamole, it’s been almost a year that I first contacted our LIS provider about updating the website.  They got a programmer working on it and then he gave me the keys of the kingdom to do it myself and . . . it’s not done yet.  I’m sure if I had 5 hours straight to work on it, that I’d have it done, but when is that ever going to happen??

???:  Inside Llewyn Davis, Mad Men (Season 6), and Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue.  Any guesses what these are???