I haven’t blogged in forever, but I want to talk about one of my great joys in life – preschool storytime!

On a listserv I’m on, there was a discussion about whether preschoolers come in to the library to check out books or not.  I suggested going to them and doing storytime.  I used to work for a public library in the children’s department, and just loved doing it.  I was quite good at it too, if I do say so myself!

So I put my money where my mouth is and started doing it again, after a two-year hiatus.  Yikes!  (I did it at school my first year, but then it pushed aside.)  Honestly, how can I not do this?  It’s not difficult, it’s super fun, and it just makes my day when I see one of the preschoolers out and about and I hear, “There’s my librarian!”

So I’ve already forgotten the books and finger plays I did last week, but here is what’s on tap for today:

Theme:  Puppies

Books:  Dog Blue by Polly Dunbar



Be My Friend, Floppy Puppy by Ann Tobias, illustrations by Dubravka Kolanovic



A Ball for Daisy by Chris Raschka


(I told the preschoolers about wordless books last week and promised I’d bring one soon.)



“The More We Get Together” – I use the Cedarmont Kids version and play it on my phone



“If I Were a Dog”

After my bath I try, try, try
To rub myself till I’m dry, dry, dry (rub arms)
Just think how much less time it would take
If I were a dog,
And could shake, shake shake! (shake body)



There was a farmer had a dog,
And Bingo was his name-o.
And Bingo was his name-o!


“This Old Man”

This old man,he played one, (hold up one finger)
He played knick-knack on my thumb. (tap fists together)
With a knick-knack, paddy whack, (roll hands)
Give a dog a bone (hold hand out front, palm up)
This old man came rolling home. (roll hands)
… he played two, on my shoe. (tap shoe)
… he played three, on my knee. (tap knee)
…he played four, on the floor. (tap on floor)


My first stop when preparing for storytime always is Perry (Ohio) Public Library and their storytime resources.  I hope to visit their library someday and tell them as much.

And to close, here are some great puppy GIFs.  How can I use these in storytime . . . ?