Lion Love

A special education teacher recently asked for a children’s book that had a strong storyline for an upper elementary student to identify actions and consequences in text.  I walked her to the picture book section of my library (which looks like this):


And scanned for books.  I quickly found one of my favorites:


Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen, with pictures by Kevin Hawkes.  It’s the story of a lion that happens to find his way into the public library and all that happens – good and bad – because of it.

But that got me thinking of another picture book that has a pretty substantial storyline, again about a lion and libraries:




Andy and the Lion by James Daugherty.  It won the Caldecott Medal in 1939.

Well, then THAT got me thinking of pairing up these great lion books with a nonfiction text:



Lions:  Life in the Pride by Adele Richardson.  The series from Capstone Publishing, Wild World of Animals, is really popular.  We have 29 of the books in the series, which isn’t even all of them.  (You can see the ones we do have here.)

It’s fun pairing up books like this!