Where’d the summer go?

It seems like it was just yesterday when we got out of school – in June . . .


Then I went to TICL, then to the Iowa Teacher Librarian Leadership Academy, then to San Antonio for ISTE.  All of those were fabulous, and then it was July 1, and time to start work again.  Wait, did I get a break?  (I did have about a week after school and before TICL to catch up on laundry.)

So there were three big projects this summer:  the elementary space, bookstore model, and 1KB4K.  I guess I need to blog on the space, too, but it’s not all the way done yet.  My work custom builder, Brian Nelson (the shop teacher at MNW) put in the bookshelf on Thursday, but they still need sanded and stained, and my own custom builder (my husband!) is finishing the “record store bins” next week, before school starts.  My custom seamstress saved us some money by waiting for a coupon from JoAnn’s (how nice is that!), so the cushions for the benches aren’t finished yet (but Donna painted them so they look very spiffy).  The beanbags are in and will be hugely popular with the students, I’m sure.  The poster frames are in but no posters yet.  What’s up, ALA Store?!

That’s not to say the other projects are done yet.  Bookstore model is all but done (just need to put up some signage), but really, I have four days until school starts!  We need to still finish the inserts for the backpacks for 1KB4K, plan the rollout for the program, and make checkout cards for students (just did that!):


There’s always something around the corner there, though . . . portfolios with 4th graders, a fun video with kindergarten students to help kids learn each other’s names, training a new library assistant at the high school, updating the website, teaching TAG . . .  Then there’s ISLI, IASL, Coursera . . .


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