My calendar has been full lately.  Trip to Des Moines, TICL conference, now it’s the IASL Leadership Academy, tomorrow night is my 25th high school class reunion, and we leave Saturday for ISTE!


Dance card from the USS MAYFLOWER’S second annual ball held in February 1906, at the Washington Navy Yard.

Then when I get back, it’s back to work.  I’m not going to ALA in Chicago, though I probably should.  The 150th anniversary of Gettysburg is from July 1-3, and I thought we would be going to that, too, so I knew I couldn’t do ALA too.

And back to work means starting the building project at the elementary, proceeding on the bookstore model at both schools, getting together the 1KB4K project . . . plus international students, getting together a TAG curriculum (I’m teaching that for a year at 7-12), doing PBIS videos with the guidance counselor, and work on the high school video production studio.  (Oh yes!  We got the ITEC grant!)

And for fun, here’s our first PBIS video, which for whatever reason, I can’t get to embed here.  So click on the “Try something” link . . .

Try something
by: csturgeon


Naval History and Heritage Command.  “83.36.52 Dance Card, USS MAYFLOWER.”  Retrieved on June 20, 2013, from Flickr.com.  Creative Commons License.


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