Spine poetry – take one

I had fun last week with one of the sixth grade classes – spine poetry!

Here are three that I made for examples:


Move! /

Herbie Hancock /

School’s out!

It seems more like a command than a poem.


I was a rat! /

Breaking Stalin’s nose /

Among the imposters

That sounds like a title of a memoir.


Where I’d like to be /

After the war/

The house on the gulf

That sounds like . . . daydreaming.  

But the students seemed to get spine poetry better than I did.  Here are some of their work:

photo (13)

Maybe that sounds like a command too, but a funny one.  “No talking, melonhead boy!”  

ImageManiac Magee /

Run if you dare /

Predator drones.

That’s ominous!  

photo (16)

This is my favorite, partly because the student started with about four of the books and I loved it then, but she wasn’t content and went back and found more to make it perfect.  The lighting wasn’t great (and spine labels get in the way) so it says:

A taste for read /

Underneath /

The magician’s elephant — /

Terror at the zoo /

Because of Anya /

Acting out — /

Out of order.

Well, I’m not sure what Anya did at the zoo, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t pretty.

I’m doing inventory and cleaning shelves for spring break – I’m not sure if I have it in me to do spine poetry again!  It made a mess of the shelves.  Oh, it was so much fun, we will – we’ll just have students put any books they get out on a cart.


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