There she goes, all grown up

Wow – lost this one in my drafts.  I’ll put it up anyway . . .

It was first a 2-hour late start, then an all out snow day (or ice day would be more apropos), so I’ve been lounging in bed, tweeting, and I saw a tweet called “there she goes, all grown up.”  I thought that’d be a great name for a blog post.  (That’s the long way of saying I filched this title from something I saw on Twitter . . . )

Here’s my “she” who is all grown up:


It was my oldest daughter’s 22nd birthday this weekend – I’m inured to having adults for (some of my) children now.  All those stereotypical things they say that boil down to the Kenny Chesney line, “Don’t blink, life goes faster than you think,” are true.

With that said, I couldn’t be prouder of my daughter.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.


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