World Read Aloud Day (Round-up)

It was a fast but fun morning for World Read Aloud Day.  What a great event, knowing that at hundreds – thousands? – of classrooms, schools, and libraries around the world readers are interacting in the same way.


Since we had four classes, about 100 hundred students, in the library at a time, we used a document camera when reading most of the books.

Mr. Wubben is our elementary PE teacher:


Mr. Wubben read Let’s Do Nothing! by Tony Fucile (ironic, no?) to the kindergarten classes:


I read two books but I should have timed it better – I know that those little books go faster than that!  So we had to fit a few in.

Mr. Anderson is the elementary art and TAG teacher (and an outstanding storyteller – I should watch my back!):


then read two books for the first and second graders:

 fox tikki

 Mr. Bleam is the elementary band and music teacher:


Mr. Bleam read a book about music, and even brought some samples of music by “The Piano Prince” like “Take the A Train”:


I did read a few books, too.  (Check out those reading glasses!)


My favorite one is Boing! by Sean Taylor, illustrated by Bruce Ingram:



Mr. Holloway, the principal at the junior-senior high in our district was our guest reader for the 5th-6th grade.  He has served as a basketball coach for some of the girls this year, but I’m glad he came over to read so all the students could see a male role model reading out loud on World Read Aloud Day:


Mr. Holloway read from one of his favorite books about leadership:


He read short pieces about procrastination, “beating the ref,” and finding real role models in life.  (He showed the students a painful – for Cyclone fans – clip from a recent men’s basketball game, but reminded them that this wasn’t the only chance his favorite team had had to win the game.)

I’ve seen a lot of schools and libraries connecting today with people far away, and that is admirable, especially for increasing global awareness.  But I was so glad for this opportunity to share some fun  books with students and for them to see positive role models – female and male – reading aloud.

Happy World Read Aloud Day!  Now, go read something – out loud!

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