Things I love Thursday


Did you know every basket is handmade?  I made this one:


Someday (when I’m a grandma), I’ll make this one.

Benjamin Franklin


It’s Ben’s birthday!  Don’t you think, if he was alive today, he would just completely get it?  The internet, antibiotics, air travel . . . everything?  If  I could have dinner with two people, alive or dead, I’d want it to be with Ben and my sister.



What’s not to love?  I use it to visually catalog things I find online – no more bookmarks or saved emails from different lists.  My favorite lists are Noms and Oh, that Martha!  (I also love that I was such an early adopter that my user name is my last name.)



I went to my first IASL Board Meeting on Saturday.  What a great group of school librarians!  I’m excited to get to work with them.

Caramel corn


I do love me some caramel corn – I just made some last night.  Here’s the recipe.  Enjoy!  (Ahem – I start resolutions in February.  Well, I tell myself that after January doesn’t start very well.  But I haven’t given up – and I still am sticking to no caffeine!)


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