On planning

Of all the days of the year, I probably look forward to January 1 the most. I remember being sort of freaked out as a kid about the end of the year – “This is the last day it will ever be 1978!” but for some reason, I didn’t fret about end-of-times scenarios come January. I love to do lists, planners, and calendars, and resolutions? I’m all about those! (I had some success last year – I’m ten pounds lighter than I was last year at this time.)

From Flickr, used under Creative Commons license: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonyjcase/2381294958/

From Flickr, used under Creative Commons license: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonyjcase/2381294958/

So, yes, I have had successes – and failures – in the past, and I know the old adage is true – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So with that said, here it is: Resolutions, Version 2.0.13!

Lose 30 pounds – I’ll continue what I did last summer: the Shangri-la diet (crazy but it absolutely works), exercising six days a week (especially now that I picked up an elliptical machine at Goodwill for $10!), biking and walking in the spring (let’s not be crazy – that ain’t happening until the snow is gone), no caffeine, and fast food rarely (once a month max).

Back in my summer biking days

Back in my summer biking days

Educate myself – I’ll continue taking Coursera classes – right now I’m taking Think Again, How to Reason and Argue with Walter Sinnott-Armstrong from Duke University (it’s not too late to join and catch up, so I’m trying to get Rob to sign up so I can say my husband and I are taking a class on arguing). I’m also signed up for The Camera Never Lies (the University of London!) which is about photojournalism, and no kidding, Introduction to Guitar (Berklee College of Music – where my favorite singers, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings attended – maybe we’ll go to a class reunion together, LOL). Find lots more classes – over 200! – at Coursera.org. (With most Coursera classes, if you do well enough, you can get a certificate stating you completed the work. One of those babies is going in my portfolio!) I’m also going to start crafting again – I’ve done some sewing and basketry in the past, and would like to make time for that again. And of course, reading! I’m going to make a point of reading 12 children’s and 12 adult novels this year, and keep track of those books. Doing an end-of-year list is difficult when my Shelfari account is so spotty.

Always the reader!

Always the reader!

Free(r) from debt – I know we can’t get completely out of debt this next year – not with over $40,000 in student loans to pay off! But after living in Music City for a decade, we’re well versed in the ideas of Nashville-based Financial Peace University. Despite what Dave said, going back to school – even with those student loans – wasn’t optional. It had to be done. But we can definitely do his “debt snowball” and get some bills paid off this year.

A proud day (December 2009)

A proud day (December 2009)

There’s a lot of other things I want to do – yoga, home more organized (you should see my office! – or maybe not), recycle. I’m still figuring all that out. I can look back on 2012 proudly – a post for another day, perhaps. But for now, I’m excited about what 2013 will bring!

(The best thing about New Year’s? It’s the one holiday that I’ve created traditions with my family where none really existed before for me – black eyed peas and greens, playing Risk with my sons.). Happy New Year to you!


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