Nonfiction bingo

I’ve been thinking about how teachers are using nonfiction books so much more, thanks to the Common Core.  How could I as a librarian help them with this?  By playing bingo, of course!


I used the website to make this, and had to really think to come up with 25 different words to use – some are a stretch, I know! (Roman Numerals? Family tree?) I love the center block on all of them – “Really cool fact!”  I plan on playing this with second graders while we read a nonfiction book from Mackin Via on the projector, and with fourth graders, have them grab a nonfiction book from some good choices I’ve picked out for them.

(I should say, this definitely wasn’t my idea – I saw some Nonfiction Bingo cards going around Pinterest, too.  Follow me there!)


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