Things I love Thursday

5.  Michael Bublé

Pandora always knows to default to this guy for me.

4.  My dog, Buster

He (and my sons) aren’t so happy with me as I’m making him wear a sweater these days.  But wait until I get him one of these!

3.  Cardigan sweaters

Yes, I love me some sweaters.  I’m not sure if you’d say I’m an afficianado or a hoarder (I have at least 15).  I put the above sweater on my “Yes, I want!” Pinterest board, but I also hate to spend more than $10 on a sweater!  So we’ll see.  (Have I had Goodwill on my “Things I love Thursday” list yet?  I should!)

2.  Akinator

Maybe this is the thing I love to hate.  Have you played this?  It’s crazy.  So you think of a character – real or fictional – and answer questions with yes, no, don’t know, probably, or probably not.  Obviously he gets easy ones like Rebecca Black (12 questions) or President Obama (10 questions), but even Tony from Saturday Night Fever (25 questions) or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters (14 questions), Akinator knows all.  It’s a little freaky!

1.  Seeing my folks

I’m going to spend Saturday with my mom, while my daughter takes my dad to a Panthers football game. 

My parents have always been my biggest fans.  I love to spend time with them!


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