#edcampsiouxcity wrap-up

I went to EdCamp yesterday in Sioux City – a good 2 hour drive, but it was so worth it.  (I wasn’t the furthest traveler, either, that goes to @hklenke from way up in northeast Iowa – a six hour drive!)

When I go to conferences, I used to write notes by hand, or take notes on the computer.  (I type 120 wpm, so I can type without thinking, basically.  I actually get a lot more out of notes if I hand-write them than by typing.)  But now, I tweet them.  This accomplishes a few things.  1., I know where I put my notes!  When I took notes by hand or type, I would never look at them again.  That doesn’t happen anymore.  2., I’m able to share a resource or idea with someone right away when I hear about it, rather than waiting later and then forgetting.  3., It shows my PLN that I am a lifelong learner, and willing to share.  It’s a win-win-win!

So here are some tweets from yesterday (I did 37!):


One thought on “#edcampsiouxcity wrap-up

  1. Christine,It was fun to learn with you last week at #EdCampSiouxCity! I hope you will try genius hour with your school. Tell us about your experiences using the hashtag #geniushour, and follow for great resources. Will you be going to #EdCampOmaha in March? And we really should consider that copyright session at the 1:1 conference. I'd like to focus on being contributors. Like you said, when you have your own stuff (like your new school logo), you feel more respectful towards other people's stuff! Take care,Denise

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