Weekly Update

Here’s the last to-do list I posted here:

*Book orders at elementary & high school – I did half the order at the elementary, and have the HS one ready to go the next time I’m in the building (the office puts it through).  This week!

*Finish article for newsletter – Check.

*Wednesday teacher exploration meeting – We had that which went pretty well, even if the projector was had a funky TV from 1978 vibe (the display was purple for some inexplicable reason!).  The elementary principal asked me to go to the SAI meeting this week about integrating technology, and we’re going to decide how to proceed with these meetings after that.

*Year-end report infographic – Chirp, chirp, chirp (cricket sounds).  That would be a no.

*Create ebook information page on website – I did this – can’t link to it because whenever I seem to blog (at night), the site is under maintenance.  TLC – it doesn’t need maintenance every stinking night.  FYI.

I did lots of other things too, though, including hosting an anti-bullying assembly on Monday, having two Technology Club and one Book Lover’s Club meetings, and hey, catching up on my RSS!  Hmmm, it felt like a lot of other things even if it doesn’t sound like it.

Oh!  And I got the greatest email from a bestie who said, “I love teaching but no one I know has a passion for their job like you do. You’re awesome.”  How cool is that?!

So, what’s new on the list?

*Order video camera for Technology Club.  We’re making a news program video for Literacy Night next month.  We don’t need to start filming yet – still in the planning stages – but need to do so ASAP.

*Meet with Reading Coach about reading incentive program.  My para and I did a fun program last year, Read Around the World, but it was soooooo heavy on our end with work.  We’re going to change things up so the record keeping is more on the kids.  Students have been asking us what we’re doing this year, and how soon we’re starting.  They really liked the competition aspect of it.  I think it’s a balance to encourage reading for reading’s sake with putting in prizes and such.  Things to consider.

*Make a list of magazines available online.  An English teacher wanted this, and for now, I was able to placate her by giving her a bunch of magazines (like a 3′ high pile!) that we got over the summer.  But I would like to expand that a bit with an online presence.

*Portfolio.  I’m in my second year of teaching, and so my portfolio is due in February.  I have my portfolio online right now and expect to expand on that.  I bought myself a domain and hope to put it there, using Iowa Core standards.  

*Keep up with my Coursera course in Greek and Roman Mythology.  I was done a day early last week, but am reverting to my old habits and finished this week’s work twenty minutes early.  (And only because I did the quiz before I watched all the videos . . . )

By john.schultz, from Flickr
Used with permission under Creative Commons license

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