Another week, another workload

It’s been a busy week.  Here are things I’m going to hit hard and heavy starting tomorrow:

*Book orders at elementary and high school
    This should have been done a month ago.  Sigh.

*Finish article for newsletter
    I just need to get a couple quotes from staff and students.

*Prepare for Wednesday Teacher Explorations meeting
    This is a new initiative – an optional, after-school meeting for teachers to explore some aspect of technology.  We just had the Google Chromebook roll-out at our school (look for a quote from me in this article!), and teachers are eager to learn about using these effectively in their classrooms.

*Make infographic for year-end report
    I’ve been meaning to do this for a couple months now, and I’ve given myself September 30th as a deadline.

*Create page on website with ebook information
   We have some new ebook initiatives this year and with our AEA, so I need to put all the resources in one spot for teachers and students.

And I do have an outside life, too!

*Start Coursera class on Greek and Roman Mythology
   This will be the third one I’ve started – let’s see if I’ll stick with it.  I got an email that says, “We’ll be engaging in something the likes of which has never quite been seen. You have joined over 50,000 people from around the world.”  Does that mean there’s fifty thousand students in this Greek Mythology course???

*My son’s dermatologist appointment
   DH will be taking him, methinks, as it’s MAP testing at school and I won’t be able to get away.

*Start up Shangri-la diet again, in preparation for starting the 30 Day Shred program
   I’ve lost 14 pounds so far – not weighing myself for a few days after eating a big dinner at my mom’s today! – but have a long ways to go.  It feels good, though, that people are starting to notice.

*Write 2 letters
   Handwritten – so quaint, I know!  But don’t you love getting a hand-written letter in your mailbox?

*Blog five days this week (not counting this one)

*Long bike ride
   Last weekend, DD and I went on a 12-mile ride.  It’s starting to get cooler, but as long as the wind dies down, I’d like to ride a couple days this week, too.

What are you doing this week?


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