It’s Monday! What are you reading?

I’m going to try to blog more this year, as a journaling exercise if nothing else.  So I’m going to join into the librarian meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey.  I love to read what other people are reading, so here’s my go at it.  I’m hoping it will inspire to read more books and fewer articles!

I already blogged about the books I read for storytime here (libraries and books theme).  I can’t wait to read the books about books I’ve picked out for older students – Biblioburro and Ron’s Big Mission and That Book Woman.  Two of my favorites.  (An aside:  Have you ever noticed how many books are out there about traveling librarians?  But it’s always geography-specific.  I wish there was a category for traveling librarians, not only traveling librarians from Columbia or Appalachia!

Anyway, here are other books I’m currently reading:

Tomatoland is an interesting and sad book, too.  It will definitely make you go out and start a garden!  I’ll want to discuss this with the Ag teacher when I’m done.
This book was given to me by a great friend who is a children’s librarian in the Nashville Public Library system.  It even has a personalized inscription for me from the author!  It’s very suspenseful and I am trying to rush through it to get to the end, without rushing through it and missing all the great details of life in Music City.  (We lived there for twelve years, moving back to the Midwest eight years ago.)
And the greatest, Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers.  I love all the press that Dav Pilkey has gotten lately.  One of my favorite things to do when I was substitute teaching was when I’d see a student – inevitably a boy – who had a Captain Underpants book in his hands.  I’d say, “What are you reading?” in a somewhat grumpy teacher voice – and then when they sheepishly admitted to having a Captain Underpants book, I’d exclaim, “Oh my gosh!  I love Captain Underpants!”  Sadly, you could tell for a lot of them, this was not the reaction they usually got.  One of my prized possessions is my Captain Underpants blow-up doll.
The next book I’m going to start is:

There are students at my elementary school who didn’t like reading until we introduced graphic novels in the library last year.  It’s so great to get to introduce them to some great books, and I love to tell them about the research that shows graphic novels can make you smarter.

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