I try to be a ducks-in-a-row sort of person.  You might not believe that if you saw my kitchen right now, cluttered with dishes, or you knew that there’s two library books I can’t find in this house (one an ILL!).  But I do.  So I emailed my advisor in early January about doing my practicum in the fall.  She misunderstood me, and wrote back saying oh sure, there was enough time to get my practicum together yet this spring.  I wrote back and said, “Wha- wha- what?”  I try to be completely on top of things as far as my classes go and I thought I had to have cataloging done before I do the practicum (taking that this semester), but apparently it’s 4 out of 5 mandatory classes and I have the others done.  Well this changes things!  This means I can GRADUATE in July!  (I won’t walk until December, though.)  This changes career path sort of things too because I can say I’ll have my endorsement by the new school year instead of needing a temporary endorsement.  Woo hoo!!!
Here’s a great little video that we’ve been singing all day this lazy Sunday (“Don’t you ever interrupt me when I’m reading a book!”):

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