I’ve done a lot of readers’ advisory lately, most of it very satisfying.  I mean, two people read Ook and Gluk by Dav Pilkey while in the library, laughing all the while, and then someone else checked it out later the same day.  A mom and son promised to both read My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulsen.  There were others, too, but the saddest was on Sunday when a woman called and asked for me to find books about the death of a pet.  I asked a few questions (it’s a dog) and she said she’d be in later that day.
I got busy with other work, and a couple of hours later a woman came to the YA desk and looked distracted.  She started to talk, without looking me in the eye, and then saw the pile of books I had on the desk for her.  She started to cry.  She told me that the dog wasn’t gone yet, but was going to be by the end of the week.  The daughter was there, oblivious to what was going on around her.  I book talked some of the books I had chosen, gave her the stack and told her she could look at them here, take some of them, all of them, or none of them, whatever she needed, and I could help her with anything else she needed.  It got busy again and I didn’t see her leave, but she did take about six of the books I’d picked, leaving four or so behind.  
I’m sure she’ll have a hard week, but I think it will be better than it could’ve been, because she came to the library.
Here’s a picture of our dog who died three years ago.  She was about seventeen years old, but that didn’t make it any easier.

P.S.  I’ve done a storytime since I last wrote, but I’m busy with the new semester so I’ll write about it later.  I have my next one planned with a super-de-dooper topic that I’m really excited about.  More later!

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